Delhi Pohoch Gye 😍India Trade Fair
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In previous vlog (17-11-2022), We saw Sourav Joshi went to Nainital on Weekend (Sunday) with Piyush Joshi and some other friends and they enjoyed a lot at Nainital. Now, if I talk about Sourav Joshi Today Vlog (18-11-2022), We saw Sourav Joshi went to Delhi in International Trade Fair.

He went to Delhi in the early morning at 5 AM along with Nirmal Bhaiya (sourav joshi’s friend) and his manager. When they reach at the destination (Trade fair Delhi), he explored many stalls in the international fair and he was also invited there as a guest.

After exploring all the shops and eat some rajma chawal , they move from there towards his friend house (Paras thakral) to stay at night and with this short, he end the vlog.

It was nice vlog as usual and the thing I really like about Sourav Joshi that he always meet subscribers by heart and talk to them.

You should watch the complete vlog and Below👇👇👇, I have updated the today Vlog of Sourav Joshi which you just need to click to watch.

Delhi Pohoch Gye 😍India Trade Fair

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