Piyush Joshi (YouTuber)

Piyush Joshi is a cousin (brother) of India’s most popular YouTuber cum Vlogger “Sourav Joshi” who is running the most-viewed YouTube channel (Sourav Joshi Vlogs and Sourav Joshi Arts).

Piyush Joshi Age

Piyush Joshi was born in the small village of Uttarakhand in 2010 and now is just 12 years and the 31st of march is his date of birth on which day Piyush Joshi celebrates his birthday.

Piyush Joshi also has a gaming channel on YouTube (Piyush Joshi Gaming)with 4.18M subscribers. At a young age, he is doing great work with the support of Sourav Joshi because he loves his family members a lot.

Piyush Joshi Gaming YouTube Channel

Piyush Joshi Gaming Monthly YouTube Income or Earning

Estimated Monthly Earnings of Piyush Joshi Gaming

According to Social Blade, Piyush Joshi Gaming estimated monthly earnings from his YouTube channel are $2.5K – $39.2K approx. At the same time, the yearly earnings are $29.4K – $470.8K.

If we convert Piyush Joshi gaming income in Indian rupees, it will become 2,05,780 INR.

For a few years, Piyush Joshi was living in Hansi, Haryana with Saourav Joshi Family but last year they shifted to Haldwani, Uttarakhand. Now he is studying in a reputed school in Uttarakhand which is good for his career.

Piyush Joshi is a talented guy who is studying and also running a YouTube channel and doing good in his life. He is really famous among children and kids who are the same age as he is.

What is Piyush Joshi Free Fire id

As we have already discussed, Piyush Joshi has a gaming channel on YouTube and people want to join him on Free Fire (battle royale game) to play with him which needs an ID. I have researched it and finally found Piyush Joshi free fire id (2081534483) and his user name is VLOGERpiyush which you can find and join him.


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