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In the previous vlog of Sourav Joshi(13-11-2022), we saw that he did a Large Pizza Eating Challenge with Brothers in which Sourav lose challenge. In Today’s vlog (14-11-2022), Sourav Joshi disclose his project name which is “Dil Se” and told that he going to launch his project on 25th November 2022. In the starting of the video, he also received a box which was related to his upcoming dream project.

In Sourav Joshi Vlogs today video, we come to know that his channel has completed 7 billion views which is not small number so, I would like to congratulate to Sourav Joshi and his all fans including me.

Let’s come to the today vlog again in which we saw some shorts of Piyush Joshi for a long time.

after all of this, Sourav went to meet his friend (GamerFleet)to give him surprise and they all went to have some tea or coffee to hangout.

So, that was all about the today vlog and I have imbedded today vlog in the below πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡section which you can watch by just click itself.

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