Sourav Joshi Car Puncture
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As we saw in the previous vlog of Sourav Joshi (25-11-2022), he was planning to go for a long trip with his friends. Finally, in today’s vlog Sourav Joshi started his long trip with Nirmal Bhaiya and Paras Thakral (Sourav’s friend and a popular Indian vlogger).

As usual Sourav Joshi faced challenges in this trip due the car puncture on highway but fortunately he had an electric pump so, he managed the situation.

After that they went to a car puncher repair shop and coincidently the mechanic was also a subscriber of Sourav Joshi so he repaired the car puncture and they move further for their long trip.

On the way he picked up to his friends and continue his long trip and finally at late night they reached the hotel in Chandigarh location. Along with that short, he end the vlog and to watch the complete vlog, just click on the below๐Ÿ‘‡ video.

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