Pura Din Rote Rhta Hai
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In the previous vlog (23-11-2022), we saw that Sourav Joshi Sourav Joshi Got Sparkle Gun With Free Cold Pyro from his Subscriber and they enjoy with it whole day.

In today’s vlog of Sourav Joshi (24-11-2022), it was nothing special because today Sourav was not feeling good so he decided to give his vlogging camera to Kunali (his cousin) for shooting vlog as a challenge.

and Kunali did a great job using his vlogging skills and almost half of the vlog shoot by kunali and Sourav was also complaining that Kunali pure din rota rehta hai.

In the video, Sourav Also announced that next month he is going to Dubai with his parents. He started the process of making his parents visa that need to fly towards Dubai next month.

It was nothing special in today’s video of Sourav Joshi and with this short, he ended the vlog. I have given the video below๐Ÿ‘‡ which you can follow and enjoy.

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