Ye Kaisi Gun Hai 😂 Maza Aagya
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In the previous vlog (22-11-2022), we saw that Sourav went to a wedding function with Bobby Bhaiya where one of his kid subscriber was crying to see him.

Now, in today’s vlog of Sourav Joshi (22-11-2022), his Chachi came back to home from hospital as she is fine now. She was admit in the hospital due to having infection of Dengue.

In today video, Sourav Joshi got a parcel from his subscriber which he unbox and found a Sparkle Gun in it. It was a Premium Quality Sparkle Gun With Free Cold Pyro Use In Wedding , Event, etc.

Premium Quality Sparkle Gun With Free Cold Pyro Use In Wedding , Event
Premium Quality Sparkle Gun With Free Cold Pyro

It was amazing gift to him from his subscriber and when I research about Sparkle Gun With Free Cold, I found it is available on Amazon as well which we can Buy any time.

About this Sparkle Gun

  • Plastic Body, Easy to Use and No Harmful. Very realistic design. Known for its most exquisite range of kids toys.
  • This makes it great for multi-kid households or party favors to fascinate the kids at that next holiday or birthday bash.
  • Looking for a unique birthday gift like toys or Alien Costumes for kids that deserving boy or girl? A Christmas or holiday present for that little one?

Sourav Joshi and his brothers enjoy this gift (sparkle gun) and at the end he close the vlog. If you want to watch the complete vlog of today, you can check below👇 video and enjoy.

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