Drinking Straw Eyeglasses for Kids
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In today’s vlog (23-10-2022), Sourav Joshi shows that he bought drinking straw eyeglasses for kids & adults. He tried to drink many types of cold drinks and juice using the drinking straw eyeglasses which was looking so amazing.

After using it Sourav Joshi gave those drinking straw eyeglasses to Kunaali (the younger brother of Sourav Joshi) because this is for kids as well and Kunali drank milk from those drinking straw eyeglasses.

In today’s vlog, Sourav Joshi also captured orio (his cute dog) for few times because he took his dog to the doctor due to the last dose of injection.

For watching the complete vlog, click the below video and enjoy Today’s vlog (23-10-2022) of Sourav Joshi.

Ye Kaisa Chasma hai

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