Birthday Celebration 😍 Etni Thand Mein
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In Sourav Joshi vlogs today (12-11-2022), We saw Sourav, his brothers and friends went to Nainital to celebrate the birthday of Nirmal Bhaiya (sourav’s friend). Before going to Nainital they were confused about where they should go and finally they reached mall road, Nainital.

They bought a cake for Nirmal bhaiya and in a beautiful outdoor location at mall road (malli taal) they finally cut the cake. After the cake cutting, they went to a restaurant which had a good ambience full of lighting, food, and music.

Sourav Joshi and his friends enjoyed the birthday celebration by having good food, dance, and chilling out there.

There is no place where Sourav Joshi subscribers are not available for meetup with him and here too he was caught by his subscribers. It was a random meetup but due to the sweet nature of Sourav, he met him in a good manner and took selfies with them.

Today’s vlog was full of enjoyment as usual which you should watch till the end by clicking below πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡video.

12-nov-2022 Sourav Joshi Vlog

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