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Twitter Blue Tick: You can learn here about the rules you need to follow to get Twitter’s blue tick for the micro-blogging site, a social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc). You can also learn about the benefits.

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Twitter Blue Tick: Today, there is big news about Twitter’s logo, and its iconic blue bird logo has been replaced with a yellow dog icon. Due to this news, Twitter is making headlines all day, and there have been many memes shared regarding the replacement of its blue bird.

We have kept you informed about Twitter’s new changes before, and today we will provide you with significant information about the blue tick.

It Was Announced That from April 1st, Users Without A Membership Would Lose Their Blue Tick

Actually, Twitter had announced in March that from April 1st, the blue tick of verified users would be removed, and they would have to purchase Twitter Blue membership to get it back. Today, we are going to tell you which services you get with Twitter Blue tick, what the charges are, and what benefits you can get after purchasing them.

The Services That Come with Twitter Blue Tick Are Different From The Facilities Provided To Common Users

Let Us Find Out More About Them

The services that come with Twitter Blue tick are different from the facilities available to common users. The first and foremost service that comes with the blue check mark is that it indicates that your social media Twitter account is verified by Twitter. This gives you access to a service where you can post long videos for up to 60 minutes, which is not available to regular free users.

You also get the facility to prioritize responses to the tweets you interact with, along with the edit option for tweets. Additionally, you may also get access to two-factor authentication via SMS, which makes your Twitter account more secure.

Rules to Obtain a Blue Tick (Blue Verification Badge):

There are also some rules for the Blue Tick category of Twitter’s verification feature. The first requirement is that your account should be at least 90 days old and active for the past 30 days. It should have a display name and profile picture, and a confirmed phone number linked to the account.

After its initial launch in November, Twitter Blue was launched in the United States and New Zealand, followed by India in February.

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